Pythian has 42 new ACEs up its sleeve

Apr 1, 2011 / By André Araújo

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This Friday, at noon, Paul Vallee and Andrew Waitman, Pythian’s owner and CEO, respectively, have an exclusive lunch with Larry Ellison at the Oracle head-quarters in San Francisco, CA.

As you have already guessed, Mr. Ellison has personally invited Paul and Andrew as a recognition to an unparalleled heroic efforts by Pythian to motivate and support 42 (forty-two) of its most talented DBAs to receive recognition as Oracle ACEs and ACE Directors, due to their wide contribution to the Oracle and MySQL communities around the world.

The Pythian executives will be accepting the awards on behalf of the 42 DBAs from the hands of Larry himself. The agenda of today’s meeting also includes the random selection of 13 of those 42 DBAs; the lucky ones will have the pleasure to enjoy an afternoon of sailing on Larry’s boat later this month. They have committed to go sail around the globe 42 times.

Today, it’s been very difficult to work at Pythian such is the thrill of this awesome news. Smiles are all over the place and there’s a sense of collective joy in the air. We are enjoying and celebrating as we can because we all know that we have client work to do and Pythian must be 100% back in business on April 2nd, in the search for the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything.

We have also heard preliminary plans that, as a recognition of their community contributions, each Oracle ACE will receive a half-rack Exadata and Exalogic package for their labs. Oracle ACE Directors will get full racks and paid electricity bills too. There have also been rumors that companies employing Oracle ACEs will soon be able to run all Oracle software for free and employers of Oracle ACE Directors will get… you’ve got it – their electricity bills paid as long as they run exclusively Oracle hardware and software.

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