Pythian’s Paul Vallée on the OurSQL Podcast: the MySQL DBA

Aug 9, 2007 / By David Edwards

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Now for some logrolling at its finest. I thought I’d try to help Sheeri, the MySQL She-BA, spread the word about the 21st episode of her OurSQL podcast as it is the second of a two-part interview with Pythian pres. Paul Vallée. The topic is, “The Rise of the MySQL DBA.”

In this part, Paul explains that MySQL DBAs and their work culture differ from those of Oracle DBAs, since, unlike Oracle DBAs, the MySQL DBA must often work on what have been ad hoc installations with a developer or sysadmin in charge, in transition to part- or full-time professional database administration.

Software determining culture and work. Interesting stuff, I think. In the first part, OurSQL #20, Paul talks about The Pythian Group itself. Check them out.

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