Quick Links to Curt Monash’s Analyses of the Sun/Oracle Deal

Apr 22, 2009 / By Paul Vallee

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Curt Monash of DBMS2, the database industry analysis and research blog, posted a flurry of Oracle/Sun/MySQL commentaries since the announcement, and upon learning that they no longer appear on PlanetMySQL I thought I would quickly draw the community’s attention to the thoughts of one of our industry’s most respected thinkers on the deal.

It is worth it to read them all. Here they are in reverse order of publication (meaning newest first):

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3 Responses to “Quick Links to Curt Monash’s Analyses of the Sun/Oracle Deal”

  • RSG_Shyam says:

    # I want to install oracle database 10.2 on mac os 10.5 server.

    I configured all the parameters which is recomended by oracle.

    I tried to install it but at the time one error shows in configuration Assistants screen that oracle Net Configuration assistant “failed”.
    I retry for it but no hope.

    Can anyone tell me what is the possible reason for it ??


  • William Newton says:

    Oh, I din’t realize Monash was off PlanetMySQL. I missed him. Everyone needs a contrarian in the community. Well he’s back in mine, Thanks yahoo pipes!

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