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Mar 20, 2009 / By Alex Gorbachev

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Unlike my previous post, this time it’s relevant for everyone and not only those lucky ones in Sydney. ;-)

I have been presenting about RAC Connection Management on a number of conferences and I have done a white paper that is focused on RAC Workload Management. It was available to the conference attendees and now is publicly available so read on.

The first time I presented RAC Connection Management during Slovenian Oracle User Group 2007 conference. The amount of information I wanted to share was huge and definitely out of scope of 40 minutes presentation.

I cut it a bit and presented at the UKOUG 2007 conference few months later. IT was much better but still packed with info difficult to absorb in 45 minutes. The next conference was RMOUG 2008 where I was much more comfortable with 60 minutes slot and finished it right on time. However, I still felt that DBA’s without extensive experience were somewhat overwhelmed by the amount of info I threw on them in one hour.

So my next presentation was at the Hotsos 2008 Symposium and its title had changed to RAC Workload Management. Obviously, the content has changed as well — it was now focused on the part of workload management and control with Oracle RAC. This is also when the whitepaper was born and what you can download now is pretty much my Hotsos 2008 whitepaper. I also introduced a live demo and that has blown me out of schedule on this one. But the responses were great so I should be satisfied.

Later on, I have presented it at the RAC Attack! in Chicago and this is when some of my demos went belly up. Otherwise, it went very well and responses were good. I’ve also done the online webinar for Oracle RAC SIG and that was broader — not only workload management part. However, I had to trow away live demo — wouldn’t work well online without direct contact with the audience.

Finally, my best time was presenting it at the UKOUG 2008 as a 2 hours masterclass. I have finished every demo and they all worked flawlessly — it wasn’t easy to set them up using my Macbook and simulate real world conditions when one of virtual machines is overloaded – it makes my Mac laptop crawling. But it all worked quite well and I’ve got excellent responses.

Now that you read until the very end you deserved it — please download RAC Workload Management whitepaper and enjoy. Note that the most juicy bits are at the very end so read on (sorry if it takes you an hour or two) — you will discover the way to create your own Load Balancing Advisory!

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated here. Please do not hesitate to let me know if you found something wrong there — quite a few parts in the presentation are not documented anywhere else publicly. At least, I didn’t see them documented anywhere.

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