Release 1.1.2 of MySQL Plug-in for Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g/11g

Feb 27, 2012 / By Alex Gorbachev

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Update 30-Aug-2012: the first 12c plug version is released.

This release is just a quick bug fix release of an older 1.1.1 version of the plug-in. It’s long overdue but I’ve managed to fix “” problem only couple weeks ago. I’ve distributed the new version to the folks who have reached out to me by email of via blog reporting the issue in the past few months and they all confirmed that the new version is working fine so I’m releasing it now.

Changes in 1.1.2

  • Fixed “#08S01Bad handshake” bug in Net::MySQL — it was setting the flag that database name is not optional in the handshake message which, as of 5.5.12, requires an empty null-terminated string in case database name is empty.
  • Changes in Net::MySQL to allow connection to MySQL 4.1.22. I’ve got a report that plug-in can’t work with 4.1.22 and early databases and Nigel Williams from RMIT University provided the fixes for Net::MySQL that I also included in the new release. These changes were much more significant compare to the Bad Handshake bug fix but it seems to work well on all MySQL releases so far.

As usual, the download link is on the MySQL Plug-in Home Page as well as installation instructions.

I would appreciate reports of successful deployments here in the comments — please include your OS platform, MySQL version, OMS and Agent versions.

This version is still for Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Release 2 and 11g Release 1 (i.e. Grid Control). It does NOT work with Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control. The good news is that I have an alpha version of the 12c plug-in working at the moment and I demonstrated it at the RMOUG Training Days 2012 couple weeks ago. I should have beta version out very soon and if you can’t wait — I can send you alpha version to try in the meantime.

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