Remote DBA: How to Get Expert Help Without Losing Control

Jul 10, 2006 / By Paul Vallee

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I’ve been invited by new Pythian partner GridApp to co-host a webinar with their eminent chief scientist, Matt Zito. If you don’t know about GridApp, you certainly should. They offer a rapid-provisioning and configuration management system called Clarity that substantially streamlines repetitive database management chores while simultaneously providing visibility into inventory and configuration changes. Another major benefit which is of interest to our larger customers is how deploying Clarity across their enterprise helps with ensuring license compliance and fulfilling audits thanks to the closed-loop centralized environment inventory and configuration console.

Anyway, so on July 24 Matt Zito and I will be presenting a webinar on how remote DBA services such as Pythian’s can be blended with GridApp’s Clarity software to enable companies to benefit from the quality of service advantages of database administration outsourcing while still maintaining full visibility and control (and thus compliance) over their entire environment. Pythian and GridApp now have two customers in common, so this approach to tackling the database production engineering challenge has substantial momentum.

You can learn more about the webinar’s agenda here: Gridapp Webinars. While the webinar is free, they do cap attendance so please register if you would like to attend.


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