RMOUG: Day 1

Feb 12, 2009 / By Christo Kutrovsky

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Day One at RMOUG in Denver is now over.

There were quite a few interesting presentations. Unfortunately, the very first I went to was canceled due to car trouble. I also found that several sessions of similar interest to me overlapped, so I had to choose my spots.

Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting
This presentation was particularly good. Tanel goes into detail on how to quickly asses a situation without going through a number of “health checks” and still be nowhere near solving the problem. His approach is to look directly at what a “hanging” session is waiting on, and to systematically determine the cause of the problem, with no time wasted.

Putting your database on a Diet: Oracle’s Data compression
A short overview of table compression. I found that that even though the presenter obviously had some experience with compression, there were hardly any examples nor anything mentioned about how to determine proper re-ordering to improve compression.

All About Oracle’s In-Memory Undo
An unusual topic—something that works so well that no one really talks about it. The presentation, however, was very short, and provided little new information. There was only one demonstrated test case. Although it went into detail about the difference between in-memory and standard undo, the other-than-obvious effects were omitted.

During lunch I took a picture that shows the entire RMOUG crowd:
RMOUG Day 1  Lunch

Tomorrow is Day 2, and I will be posting about it here.

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