RMOUG: Day Two

Feb 13, 2009 / By Christo Kutrovsky

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Day 2 finished yesterday. It was quite a busy day, with some excellent sessions.

Battle of the Nodes: RAC Performance Myths — Riyaj Shamsudeen
A great presentation on popular RAC myths, with some great examples. Excellent visuals that made complex processes look simple. I really liked this one.

Getting the Most Out of AWR — Tim Gorman
A first-rate session attended by a lot of the conference. It went into detail on what scripts are available to extract AWR information without needing Grid Control or Database Control. For command-line lovers, it’s great.

The SAN is guilty… until proven otherwise — Gaja Krishna Vaidyanatha
A very important session for all DBAs, showing the end-to-end components involved in database I/O. There are so many more components that can cause problems between the database and the physical spindles. Concepts, case studies, plenty of information.

Understanding Oracle Execution Plans: How SQL is Really Executed – Tanel Poder
One of those eye-opening sessions, starting with how to read SQL Execution Plans, and moving to showing stack traces and mapping function calls, to Execution Plan steps. A must-see for everyone tuning SQL.

And that is it. As exhausting conferences are, I always wish for them to have been longer.

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