Siebel Customers to Choose Between Oracle and SAP

Oct 19, 2005 / By Paul Vallee

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Oracle, currently in the process of acquiring the leading CRM (“Customer Relationship Management”) vendor, Siebel, is seeing some form of competition from SAP, who is offering to US companies running Siebel, a credit of up to 75% of their existing Siebel software licensing fees toward the licensing of SAP’s comparable CRM products.

SAP is offering a program called “Safe Passage Program” to Siebel customers who are uncertain about Oracle’s pending acquisition of Siebel. The program is aimed at providing, among other things, the 75% credit and also conversion tools, implementation methodologies and services from SAP and its partners to help ensure a smooth transition to my “SAP CRM”.

We’ll anxiously wait to see how many of Siebel customers went to Oracle and how many went to SAP…

Read more at the following:

SAP Safe Passage home
SAP – Press release

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