Slides for OpenWorld 2012 Presentations

Oct 9, 2012 / By Gwen Shapira

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OpenWorld was amazing. It is always a wonderful event – Oracle puts on a great show, the parties are wonderful, participants can catch up with old friends and make new friends, and occasionally, there is even good technical content.

This year was even more amazing for me. I presented for the first time. Even though I am a veteran presenter, I was very anxious before my presentations. OpenWorld is the largest event on the Oracle calendar, and I wanted to make a great impression. I was very happy and relieved to see that my presentations were well received.

I was even happier to see that more people than ever are interested in Big Data and that a large number of companies already have a Hadoop cluster somewhere between sandbox and production stages. It is great to see how many people now share my interest in integrating Hadoop into the enterprise data warehouse eco-system.

To those who missed my presentations and those who attended and want to review the slides, you can find the content here:

Building an Integrated Data Warehouse with Oracle Database and Hadoop

Big Disasters

Value Based Testing

Flexible Design and Modeling – Planning for Constant Change

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