Pythian Speaking at Insync12 in Melbourne

Aug 13, 2012 / By Fahd Mirza

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Victoria’s secrets are about to be revealed. She has the power to leave you unblinking for many seconds with her ravishing enchantments, and that mesmerizing spell will be on display in Victoria’s cool capital, Melbourne, during Insync12.

This Australian conference represents the climax of Technology, Development, and Applications users in one go. As icing on the cake, mobile technology and telecommunications will also feature during this scintillating saga of expertise and sharing of knowledge.

Where there is mentionable database talk, there is Pythian. I will be presenting two sessions at the Insync12 this year about Exadata, a technology close to my heart. My sessions are:

1) Is Exadata for you?

2) Demystifying Working of DBRM with IORM in Exadata

Looking forward seeing you there!

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