SQLTeach Toronto: Almost Here

Apr 22, 2008 / By Adam Machanic

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I was just reviewing my calendar for the next several weeks and noticed that the Toronto SQLTeach conference is now only a few weeks away.  This conference includes quite a few interesting SQL Server-related sessions, on topics ranging from best practices, to performance, to some of the new SQL Server 2008 features. I fully expect this to be a great show.

I am doing two breakout sessions during the main conference:

  • “SQL Server 2005: Authorization, Privilege, and Access Control.  In this talk I cover SQL Server 2005’s enhancements around granting permissions via stored modules (i.e., stored procedures, views, functions)
  • “Designing Highly Concurrent Database Applications”.  In this talk I get into the business requirements behind supporting concurrent processes, and the areas where SQL Server (and every other database product) falls short. I then go on to show how to solve the problems in the database programmatically.

I am also doing a full-day post-conference session on SQLCLR programming. This will be the first time that I will be presenting all of my SQLCLR material in a single day; should be fun. I will take attendees from the basics all the way through some advanced applications and techniques, so if you’re interested in becoming a SQLCLR expert I highly recommend attending.

The conference starts in just three weeks, but it is not too late to register.

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