Sydney Oracle Meetup #2 Report – Visualizing Oracle Performance

May 26, 2009 / By Alex Gorbachev

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More than a month has passed since Sydney Oracle Meetup #2. We shot some video, but it took me a while to process it and publish a few interesting pieces, but I finally got it all.

Ric Van Dyke‘s presentation on tuning SQL queries using 10046 trace is available on the SOM website in the Files section (you must be a member). However, there were no material from Tanel Poder‘s session — it’s title started with “Zero Slides…” and Tanel demonstrated live some of his secrets of productivity in Oracle troubleshooting. Luckily, my colleague, Andrey Goryunov, managed to shoot some of it on the video and I’m publishing here a couple fragments on the visualization of Oracle performance troubleshooting.

Make sure you are watching them in HQ on YouTube to see more details and if you like these videos, make sure you rate them.

PerfSheet is a very handy solution based on Microsoft Excel scripting and let you automate extraction and charting of any data you can extract from an Oracle database (and generally speaking, any other database). The best thing is that Tanel has put great efforts in it and made it available to everyone for free. One demo is worth many words so here we go:

The second demo on Visual Performance Troubleshooting is about the application of 3D graphics in real-time Oracle troubleshooting. This is a truly revolutionary approach if you think about what you can do with it — nothing like this has been available until now.

I must mention that Hotsos helped to sponsor this meetup, so big thanks to them for pizza and beers that evening!

Now, if you are in Sydney and haven’t joined the Sydney Oracle Meetup, you know what you are missing. Our meetup #5 is next Monday, 1-Jun-09 see some of you there!

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