Sydney Oracle Meetup #7 – Advanced Queuing in E-Business Suite

Jun 22, 2009 / By Alex Gorbachev

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What: Sydney Oracle Meetup #7 – Advanced Queuing in E-Business Suite
When:Tuesday, June 30, 2009 5:30 PM (please, make sure to RSVP yes/no/maybe)
Where: Our standard location in Sydney CBD

Welcome to our meetup #7! This meetup will be focused on Oracle Advanced Queuing (AQ) feature and its usage in Oracle E-Business Suite.

For inexperienced SOM members, we are starting with the meet & greet and pizza+drinks at 5:30 pm and move to smart things at 6:00 pm. We will be there until about 8:30pm (some are sticking around a bit longer while some might take off a bit earlier) and will have a break in the middle. The second half is generally more open-ended as most of you already know.

So what are the goodies at this meetup?

We will start with an overview of the AQ technology in Oracle database – what it is and what it let you do. Then we will see how it’s used in Oracle E-Business Suite and how to manage it.

Our speakers for the evening are your fellow SOM members – Jurijs Velikanovs and Warwick Sands. TBC.

Warwick has been working with AQ quite extensively and doing quite a bit of development with AQ recently and will be glad to share his experience. Jurijs has been working with AQ a lot as part of Apps DBA administering OEBS and he will have a lot to say for both AQ in general and in relation to E-Business Suite. If we come to that, I would be glad to add few points from my own experience and what happened as we tried to scale on using AQ technology with transaction rate of thousands per second.

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