Sydney Oracle Meetup — The Very First

Mar 19, 2009 / By Alex Gorbachev

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Gday everyone. This information would be most useful for the Oracle professionals in Sydney, Australia. I’m very excited to announce the Sydney Oracle Meetup (SOM).

We will be meeting regularly starting on Tuesday, 31st of March 2009. For each event, I’m targeting to have one or two speakers — sometimes with a formal full blown presentation and other times with rather informal whiteboard style sessions. The target is to meet fortnightly if we can manage such pace.

There will be lots of networking with peers and informal discussions. We plan to share the exiting news and projects as well as seek advices and hints to the challenges we are facing in database engineering. The format of the meeting depends on you — suggest your ideas, share interesting topics, day to day problems and discuss exciting projects you are involved in.

The current state of economy is far from its best and education budgets are cut first these days but worry not — the SOM is absolutely free and created as a community group. Don’t wait — register now and be part of the history — The Very First Sydney Oracle Meetup!

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