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Licensing Oracle in a public cloud: the CPU calculation impact

Based on previous findings on CPU counting in public clouds, we look at an example where it makes a big difference: software licensing, particularly Oracle. Additional licensing costs resulting from CPU counting can dwarf any cost savings on infrastructure. We talk about how this happens, and show an example.

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Comparing CPU Throughput of Azure and AWS EC2

After observing CPU core sharing with Amazon Web Services EC2, I thought it would be interesting to see if Microsoft Azure platform exhibits the same behavior. Signing up for Azure’s 30-day trial gives $200 in credit to use over the…

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vCPU sharing in EC2: HVM to the rescue?


I’ve been doing some testing to clarify what a vCPU in Amazon Web Services actually is. Over the course of the testing, I experienced inconsistent results on a 2-thread test on a 4-vCPU m3.xlarge system, due to the mislabeling of…

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Virtual CPUs with Amazon Web Services

The definition of a vCPU in Amazon Web Services is a bit unclear. We run some tests to see how much CPU performance we actually get, and discover some unexpected side effects from AWS’s implementation.

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Internet Scale Design: Part Two

In my previous blog post, I emphasized that internet scale design can be implemented for any type of company. Whether it’s a small, bootstrapped startup or a rapidly growing, well-funded tier 2. But if it’s suitable for that many companies,…

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Internet Scale Design: Part One

Internet Scale graphic 1

Whether your company is a small, bootstrapped startup or a rapidly growing, well-funded tier 2 or 3 business, everyone dreams of having ‘Internet scale’ systems which are highly automated, anti-fragile, self-healing, and inexpensive to maintain. The problem, however, is that…

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Linux HugePages for Oracle on Amazon EC2

One of the optimizations available to us when running Oracle on Linux is huge page support. This feature of the Linux kernel enables processes to allocate memory pages of size 2M (instead of 4k). In addition, memory allocated using hugepages…

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A Most Simple Cloud: Is Amazon RDS for Oracle Right for You?

Amazon Web Services has offered Relational Database Service as part of their cloud offering since 2011.  These days, RDS provides easy to deploy, on-demand database-as-a-service for MySQL, Oracle, and SQL Server.  When you compare it to essentially any other method of…

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