Big Data

Watch: Hadoop in the Cloud

The Pythian team has received many questions about big data in the cloud, and specifically about Hadoop. Pythian CTO, Alex Gorbachev shares some of his recommendations in our latest video: Discover more about our expertise in Hadoop.

4 Things Every CMO Should Do Before Approaching IT About Big Data

Read the full article, 4 Things Every CMO Should Do Before Approaching IT About Big Data.   “You’ve likely heard the whispers (or shouts) about Big Data’s potential, how it’s the holy grail of marketing—and it can be. But to uncover this information and take action on it, marketing needs to partner closely with all…

Making Oozie Logs A Little Easier On The Eyes

Today we’re having a quick one. Earlier during the day, I had to peruse an Oozie log for the first time. And it looked like: 2014-02-11 20:13:14,211 INFO ActionStartXCommand:539 – USER[running_user] GROUP[-] TOKEN[] APP[some-big-job-workflow] JOB[0004636-140111040403753-oozie-W] ACTION[0004636-140111040403753-oozie-W@:start:] Start action [0004636-140111040403753-oozie-W@:start:] with user-retry state : userRetryCount [0], userRetryMax [0], userRetryInterval [10] 2014-02-11 20:13:14,212 WARN ActionStartXCommand:542 – USER[running_user]…

Oozing Caribou

Meet Oozie’s Workflows Oozie is a workflow scheduler for Hadoop, but that’s not terribly important right now. What is important is that it defines its workflows using an XML dialect. And as all XML things go, the result is… shall we say, less than easy on the eyes and the typing fingers.

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