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SQL On The Edge #4 – SQL 2016 Stretch Database

  As the Microsoft SQL Server team continues to build very interesting integrations between the full SQL Server box product we all know and the Azure cloud platform. Stretch database is another integration that will be included as part of SQL…

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SQL On The Edge #3 – Azure Elastic Database Jobs

Hello and welcome to episode number three of SQL On the Edge! In this episode we’re going to cover Azure SQL elastic database jobs. In the last few months, Microsoft has put a lot of effort in augmenting the elastic…

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SQL On The Edge #2 – SQL 2016 Temporal Tables

Hello and welcome to our second episode of SQL On The Edge! On this episode we’re going to focus on a new feature of SQL Server 2016 called Temporal Tables. What’s a Temporal table? Temporal tables allow us to go…

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SQL On The Edge #1 – 2016 Installer

  Hello and welcome to my new video blog (Vlog) series SQL On The Edge! My goal with these videos is to provide short, concise demonstrations of the latest and greatest features regarding SQL Server, Azure SQL Database and other…

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Handling the Leap Second – Linux

Leap Second

Last week I published a blog post titled “Are You Ready For the Leap Second?“, and by looking at the blog statistics I could tell that many of you read it, and that’s good, because you became aware of the…

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Are you Ready for the Leap Second?


If you’re not aware of what the leap second is look into it. The fact is, this year the last minute of June 30th will be one second longer and “June 30, 2015 23:59:60” will be a valid and correct time….

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Using the ILOM for Troubleshooting on ODA

I worked on root cause analysis for a strange node reboot on client’s Oracle Database Appliance yesterday. The case was quite interesting from the perspective that none of the logs contained any information related to the cause of the reboot….

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Room for Improvement – Using DBMS_REDEFINITION with Spatial Data

Using DBMS_REDEFINITION to reconfigure a table can be a simple way to modify table structure. But that is not always the case. Consider this example of what is necessary to modify a table when Spatial data is included in the table.

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Automating DataPump Export

What’s the most elaborate thing you have done with DataPump? So there I was, given the requirement to export multiple partitions for multiple tables where each partition has its own dump file having the format “tablename_partitionanme.dmp”, pondering how this can…

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Nothing to Blog About? Think Again!

Suggestions about how to proceed if you are just getting started with blogging or searching for topics to blog about.

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