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ASCII Interface for Games

The best way to get a feel for a module is to work with it, I decided to try my hand at a small, unassuming maze game. For the maze creation itself, I used Games::Maze, and with that out of the way, the resulting program turned out to be quite simple, have a look.

Replication Issues: Never purge logs before slave catches them!!

A customer contacted us regarding a problem with one of their replication servers. We found they had deleted some binary logs from the master and relay logs from the slave to release space. It is not a good idea to delete logs that aren’t cached by the slave, in case they are needed. At least keep relay logs in slave to keep the replication working.

Extract the Synopsis of a Module

When I begin to work with a module, most of the time what I do is to look at its pod, and copy the code in the synopsis that I’ll use as a a baseline. I’m pretty sure there’s already a better tool to do it somewhere in CPAN, here’s my little podsyn script that does all the hard work for me.

Nagios Plugin for MySQL

I am about to present the very first public appearance of PalominoDB’s nagios plugin for MySQL.  This has been running on several clients in production for about 6 months, so we know it’s stable.  The PDF’s of the presentation slides and white paper can be downloaded, and are also available from our Community section (presentations and white…

A Semantic Version Plugin for Dist::Zilla

With Dist::Zilla, so far I was manually setting up the new version number in the dist.ini of my distributions. But, as I’m a lazy, lazy man, automating the process was still at the back of my mind. Well, I finally found the time to work on this. The result is Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Author::YANICK::NextSemanticVersion, which currently lives in the Dist::Zilla::PluginBundle::YANICK distribution (and, of course, in its GitHub repository).

Chained Actions with Dancer

A few days ago, had you asked me one big plus of Catalyst over Dancer, I would have said “chained actions”. Chained actions allow to split the logic underlaying an uri into smaller components associated with its segments. A very neat, DRY-friendly ways of doing things. Have a look.

Writing a Dancer Plugin

All the tools you need to write a Dancer plugin are contained in he helper module Dancer::Plugin. To invoke them, you just need to ‘use’ Dancer::Plugin within your module — all the inheritance stuff is taken care of behind the curtain

The Guerilla Hack Chronicles: Dancer as an Ad-Hoc Web Server

Let’s say you want to serve static http content from a machine. The sensible thing to do would be to install Apache/Nginx/Lighttp. But let’s say — because of insane configuration, red tape, cruel whims of the gods — that you can’t do the sensible thing. Fortunately, there’s a few aces you can pull from out of your sleeve. One of them is to use Dancer as a spur-of-the-moment barebone web server

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