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Exporting Old use.perl.org Blog Entries

This week-end I finally got around importing all my old use.perl.org blog entries to Fearful Symmetry. To ease off the migration, I ended up writing two itsy-bitsy scripts. They’re nothing fancy, but in case they might help someone, here they are.

Failure Scenarios for your Restore Practice

I always tell DBAs to practice their restore skills because this is one area that you are not allowed to get wrong. Having experience with different types of restores give you the confidence to do the right thing in an emergency. However, I noticed that when it comes to practicing, not all DBAs are equally imaginative on what to practice. Practicing the same failure over and over is not the best possible practice. Here are few scenarios you should be able to recover from

Warm Fuzzy Feelings

I give a lot of thought of what makes a DBA awesome as remote DBA, or a consultant. Based on my experience as a in-house DBA working with consultants we hired, on my experience as remote DBA for Pythian and on my observation of the amazing guys working for Pythian Consulting. Here’s the secret: You need to give the customer a warm fuzzy feeling. Here’s what I consider key parts of being effective at giving customers warm fuzzy feelings. Obviously all this applies in addition to being a very proficient technical problem solver.

Oracle Exadata V1 Documentation is Published

I was searching oracle.com for some Exadata-related wait events, and noticed some hits popping up from formerly closely-held Exadata documentation. Upon closer look, I found the full Exadata V1 user’s guide. I hope the V2 documentation will be posted soon.

Generating RT bugs out of CPAN Testers’ Reports

A few hours ago, I received a CPAN Testers’s report. The report was a genuine bug (CPANtesters++. Love you guys), and as I made my way to rt.cpan.org to create a ticket to track the issue, I found myself thinking that it’d be nice to have a ‘bug this’ button straight from the smoke report page. You all know where that kind of thinking leads to, right? I didn’t GreaseMonkey’ed a button into the CPAN Testers page (yet), but I did the second-best thing. Namely, a little command-line script that takes a report url and uses it to auto-generate a bug report to the right distribution:

System Monitoring on the Cheap with TAP and Smolder

Like any self-respecting geek, I have a small network at home. It’s fairly well-behaved and stable, so I never really felt the burning urge of install a monitoring system. However, as I’ve been bitten by the full partition surprise at 9:30am on a Saturday morning a few times lately, I’ve… come to reconsider that position a little bit. Of course, the right solution would be to install a real monitoring system like, say, Nagios or Zabbix. Trying to reinvent the wheel, and in this case a fairly beefy wheel, would be thoroughly silly. But it’d also be fun and educative. So I decided to do it anyway.

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