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OpenSQLCamp Lightning Talk Videos

OpenSQLCamp was a huge success! Not many folks have blogged about what they learned there….if you missed it, all is not lost. We did take videos of most of the sessions. All the videos have been processed, and I am working on uploading them to YouTube and filling in details for the video descriptions.

Perl and Server Management Objects (SMO)?

I had an opportunity over the past few days to attempt to use Microsoft’s Server Management Objects (SMO) with Perl to manage a SQL Server 2005 DB. To make a long story into a short post, I blundered into the Win32::CLR module on CPAN, a little gem from Toshiyuki Yamato. Here is all you need to get started.

Upgrading to Fedora 12? You might need more /boot space!

Today, I had a spare Fedora 11 machine sitting next to me, so I thought I’d try the upgrade to the newly-released Fedora 12, aka “Constantine.” Fedora support cycles are rather short compared to Ubuntu, so Fedora 11 will likely be de-supported in 6 to 7 months. Following the Fedora documentation, I decided to use the “preupgrade” tool. Everything was going smoothly until the machine restarted to begin installation of the new packages. I got a message that there wasn’t enough space in my /boot partition. Turns out that this is a known problem with the preupgrade tool. A kind soul in #fedora on IRC directed me to the list of common Fedora 12 bugs, in particular the preupgrade free space check. I strongly suggest you visit the links provided for helpful screenshots and commands to follow.

Free 10-day trial of Safari Books Online

That’s right — get your free 10-day trial! All the information I know is here. The basics are: No access to Rough Cuts or Downloads, for new subscribers only. It’s one of those “sign up and if you do not cancel after 10 days, we bill you” — and at $42.99 a month, that’s not a mistake you want to make. Must sign up by Nov. 24th.

Video and Slides: How InnoDB works

This presentation was done by Sheeri Cabral of The Pythian Group and went into how to use SHOW ENGINE INNODB STATUS to get more information about your Innodb tables, foreign keys and transactions. This is a great presentation to learn how InnoDB works.

Oracle Restart Silent Installation

I had had some experience with silent (and not always successful) installation of Oracle versions 8 and 9, but thanks to an excellent post, Oracle Silent Mode, Part 1: Installation Of 10.2 And 11.1 Databases by Grégory Guillou, I got a new splash of joy using silent installations. RDBMS, Oracle Grid Control, agents, scheduler agents, collaboration software, etc., can be installed using the silent installation in latest versions. This post is about silent installation of one of the new Oracle 11g Rel.2 options called Oracle Restart.

ORA-01555: snapshot too old, When Running Flashback Query

Of all the frustrating, partially-completed features Oracle has released, this is the most frustrating. Did I mention this frustrating feature is frustrating when you get bitten by it?What am I referring to? FLASHBACK QUERY on a table that lives in a database with a large UNDO_RETENTION specified with lots and lots of UNDO_TABLESPACE space. Why is this behaving this way? Silly me, I really should read Oracle docs more carefully.Here’s what they say at Managing Undo for Your Database…There you have it folks. Please don’t get bitten with this the way I did.

First Look at Kubuntu 9.10, “Karmic Koala”

I just installed a copy of the titular distro last night and have been playing with it a bit. So far it’s been less trouble than I would have expected from a first beta, and runs well. Get Kubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala beta 1 here. A word to the wise, this is beta software and not yet ready for prime time.

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