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Pythian Video: Oracle RAC — Why VIPs?

One of the topics that beginners RAC DBA’s (along with network engineers supporting Oracle database infrastructure) are confused about is the Virtual IP usage in Oracle RAC starting from Oracle Clusterware 10g. With this videocast, I will try to clarify those concerns once and for all. I have embedded the video here in a smaller window so you might want to go directly to YouTube for the full-size version of “Pythian Video: Oracle RAC – Why VIPs”.

Ottawa Perl Mongers: Moose & Daemons

The Ottawa Perl Mongers will be meeting once again at the Pythian headquarters. There will be two presentations given: Yanick Chanpoux will be presenting on Moose. Tim Procter (myself) will be presenting on Portable Perl Daemons. The focus is on developing light-weight background processes that will be compatible with both Unix and Windows systems. Additionally, I will be demonstrating communications with the daemon and child processes over TCP from an independent controller. The presentations are now available online thanks to Andrew Ross at the Free and Open Source Software Learning Centre. Comments are welcome.

Oracle RAC Workload Management: A Webinar by Alex Gorbachev

When I posted my RAC Workload Management whitepaper, it was downloaded by many but it turned out that not everyone has half a day to go through such level of details and, frankly, not everyone is interested in how those features are implemented. This prompted me to put together a webinar that does high level overview of available options to balance workload properly with Oracle Real Application Clusters.

NoCoug SQL Challenge Entry

I love puzzles. So when I heard about the NoCoug SQL Challenge I felt tempted to give it a go. The Northern California Oracle Users Group (NoCoug) has challenged us to find a good way to calculate the probability of getting different sums for x throws of a n-sided die using only SQL. The probabilities for the faces of a single die are stored in a table and that’s all you need to start playing with the problem. The SQL Challenge rules can be found on the NoCoug website, along with some other relevant information.

What If…..

Having a company behind MySQL allowed MySQL to: attract developers, have a centralized place for MySQL knowledge, and write good documentation However, having a company behind MySQL has caused problems. As I see it, there are two problems…

First Impressions of Kubuntu 9.04

While it is slightly more stable, within minutes I had had my first crash on the panel. I had several more, not hardware-related. Now these could be the fault of the applet developers and not KDE itself, but it certainly soured my first look. I will probably nuke this install and reinstall with the KDE3 remix over the weekend.

Meetup.com Confirms Automatic MySQL Sponsorship Ended

The bad news is that whatever agreement MySQL AB had with Meetup.com has ended. Unfortunately, this agreement has ended, so there’s going to have to be a more manual process to get MySQL to sponsor the meetup groups. At its cheapest, a year of meetup.com is $144. The good news is that Giuseppe and Dups (as well as the local Sun/MySQL folks in Boston who also sponsor the pizza and soda we have) have expressed that they are dedicated to sponsoring these user groups, so nobody has to go around digging for spare change just yet. Here’s the sad e-mail I received…

I apparently have_community_features

I am pretty sure this is one of those variables that MySQL has put in as an unused placeholder, but for now, it is not even documented as unused (as are table_lock_wait_timeout, date_format and similarly time_format and datetime_format).

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