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Quick Links to Curt Monash’s Analyses of the Sun/Oracle Deal

Curt Monash of DBMS2, the database industry analysis and research blog, posted a flurry of Oracle/Sun/MySQL commentaries since the announcement, and upon learning that they no longer appear on PlanetMySQL I thought I would quickly draw the community’s attention to the thoughts of one of our industry’s most respected thinkers on the deal.

Installing APEX 4.0 and 3.2 on Oracle 10gR2 on Mac OS X Leopard (Intel)

Few days ago, I have put together the Quick Install Guide for Oracle 10g Release 2 on Mac OS X Leopard (Intel). I did mention that it would be cool to get APEX working as well but, apparently, APEX isn’t supposed to be running on Oracle 10g Release 2 Database on OS X as few people pointed our on the blogs. However, looks like few people did manage to run APEX on 10g using Embedded PL/SQL Gateway. ong story short, I was able to install APEX successfully using the native Mac OS X Oracle 10g Database and here is how…

What Exactly is Swappiness?

This is an issue that keeps rearing its ugly head over and over again, and since it greatly affects performance, it is most important that DBAs of any DMBS running on Linux come to grips with it. So I decided to do some research and try different settings on my notebook. Here are my findings.

OraQuiz #1: Quote a job name in lowercase to drop it with DBMS_SCHEDULER

I have enjoyed reading Sheeri’s nice MySQL “Pop Quiz” series, and, knowing that practise greatly increases the retention time of information in our minds, I thought I would start a series of quizzes of my own, only to do with Oracle. Here’s a an easy one to begin with. How do you drop a job with job_name in lower case using DBMS_SCHEDULER on Oracle 10g?

VMware Fusion on MAC — Shared Storage for Oracle RAC

This is not a complete guide on the Oracle RAC install with VMware Fusion but just the hints on setting up shared storage for Oracle RAC using Mac as host for VMWare Fusion virtual machines (VM’s). The reader is assumed to understand how to setup Oracle RAC and has general understanding of VMware itself. There are plenty of guides on the Internet on how to setup Oracle RAC including VMware but they usually refer to VMware Server on Linux or Windows. Please note that I’m writing it largely by memory so if you hit any issue — please leave a comment.

RML Utilities: An Internal MS Jewel for Performance Analysis

Early in 2008 I came across a toolkit that Microsoft had released a couple of months before, called RML Utilities. I downloaded RML Utilities from the Microsoft website, started playing with it, and found it quite interesting. More than one year after that, and one cumulative update later, I still find that relatively few people in the SQL Server world know about this toolkit. When I ask a SQL Server DBA about RML Utilities it’s not uncommon to hear in reply: “RML-what?” Here’s a review.

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