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JSP Cache Issues in 11i and R12

As an Apps DBA, you might have been asked to clear the JSP cache many times, either by Developers or Oracle Support. The usual directory that holds the JSP cache is $COMMON_TOP/_pages in 11i and R12 releases. In older versions of 11i it used to be $OA_HTML/_pages. What is this JSP Cache? It’s the compiled version of JSP files. When JSP gets compiled by Apache Jserv, it gets internally gets converted into a .java file (servlet) and then that .java file gets compiled into a .class file Why do we need to clear the JSP cache?

Creating a test database in 5 minutes

What is the most boring part of being a DBA? Many of us reply with “installing and creating a database”. Really, that is not true, at least not creating a database. If you think create database is a boring ad-hoc work and takes a whole day to do, that is because you used wrong tool or you misunderstood what is going on. DBCA is what you need to create a test database in only 5 mins. Let me show you.

How to become an Oracle Certified Master (OCM)

A turning point in a DBA’s career is when he/she is recognized by Oracle as an elite Oracle professional. I was happily surprised to find out I became an Oracle Certified Master (OCM). I got another surprise right away, “You are the 2nd OCM at the Pythian Group”. Well, I am very happy that I have been working among brilliant people here. Believe it or not, after I became an Oracle 10g OCM, everybody else wanted to know how to become one. Let me show you the way to become an Oracle Certified Master (OCM).

Drizzle Podcast #1

In this first Drizzle podcast, Jay Pipes and I talk about what Drizzle is and how Drizzle is different from MySQL both technically and from a community standpoint. The podcast can be downloaded (5.76 Mb as an mp3 file) or played right through your browser, There are links in this post.

InnoDB Hot Backup Utility Bug

If you are using InnoDB Hot Backup utility and the innobackup.pl wrapper script, be very careful if you are not running backups under the system mysql user. There is a bug which causes InnoDB Hot Backup to sometimes report a successful backup when it actually failed.

SunFire T2000 servers are best suited for Oracle MiddleTier

Recently, an Oracle-L discussion on Sun T2000 servers got me thinking. The T2000 servers have Sun’s new line of processors, UltraSPARC-T1. These processors come with 8 physical cores, and each core has 4 threads (similar to hyperthreading in Intel Xeon Processors). So each UltraSPARC-T1 processor shows up as 32 Processors (8 cores * 4 threads) at the operating system (OS) level. Sun termed this technology “Cool Threads”. It is supposed to give high-volume throughput along with saving millions on power and cooling costs. But many discussion forums have more complaints against these T2000 servers than praises.

Building a Windows Server 2008 Cluster, Part 3

In Part 1 of this series, we prepared our Windows Server 2008 servers to be a part of a cluster. Part 2 showed us how we can add the shared disks, install the Failover Cluster Feature, and run the Validate Cluster Configuration Wizard. In this post, we will complete the process by creating a Windows Server 2008 cluster.

Twitter — Tracking Production Actions?

don’t want to post the link to this (perhaps, it was left public unintentional?) but here is what I stumbled upon recently. This is a log of production maintenance of IT systems in Perth, Western Australia (as far as I could say): Good idea but shouldn’t companies keep this sort of information private?

Google Charts for DBA: Tablespaces Allocation

Pythian DBA’s have daily reports for each monitored database and some of the components are using charts to visualize the data. I’m a big fan of charts myself (when applied appropriately) and want to show how you can generate simple charts directly from the database. You’d be very surprised how easy it can be done from *any* database without installing any additional software or configuring something special.

Australia — Helping Victims of Victorian Bushfire

I apologize for off-topic on this blog but I think it’s important…Victoria experienced unprecedented bushfire this month taking lives of almost 180 (the list is growing) people and leaving thousands without homes. This disaster left tears on everyone’s faces even outside of Australia. If you would like to show the compassion and provide some help there are few ways. One of them is to contribute to the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal 2009. You don’t have to be in Australia to do that — you just need to have a big heart and few bucks to share.

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