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Oracle Listener Crash in Windows

I faced a problem yesterday. The Oracle listener crashed each time a connection was made. The OS was WINXP SP2. It goes without saying that this was a testing install. The event log showed the following error in SYSTEM log and APPS log. Finally I found the following magic command which fixed the issue after running and restarting the box.

“change tracking state change latch”

In my UKOUG 06 presentation on block change tracking internals I assumed that “change tracking state change latch” is, probably, used by DBWR and CTWR to protect access to a buffer area in shared pool. I wanted to verify it and tried to trace this latch.

Which Risks Are You Protected From?

I worked on one site for a while and during 2.5 years it didn’t face a single media corruption of Oracle datafiles. But one day, my fellow DBA (who is usually extremely cautious and reviews his actions at least twice) overwrote a controlfile with some crap. Even the fact that controlfiles were on raw devices didn’t prevent this disaster from happening.

A Good DBA’s Peripheral Vision

I believe that a good DBA should have well developed “peripheral vision”. It helps everywhere — troubleshooting production issues or performance problems, database/application design, system architecture, reading documentation, etc. I also notice that a newbie DBA with good peripheral vision catches up much faster than a strictly focused person.

MySQL and PostreSQL on Solaris 10

First of all, there is now FREE Solaris 10 media kit available to order by mail if you’re not fancy downloading several GB. By the way, it also includes Sun Studio (anyone using it?). Second, I found a cool article on Solaris BigAdmin portal – Deployment Guide for an Open Source Stack on the Solaris 10 OS also available as PDF.

Inside RAC… Toilet Paper

It will take me a while to follow up on all the presentations I’ve visited during UKOUG06 and photos I’ve taken. One of the best presentations was Inside RAC from Julian Dyke. Have a look.

COLLABORATE 07, Hubble Telescope and Hana

UKOUG 2006 is over and I was planning to finally provide a bit more details about it. I got a reminder that today is the last day to send IOUG abstracts. Since I planned to submit an abstract there – I rushed in and filled out two proposals based on responses I’ve got from my UKOUG presentations.

Babette at UKOUG – day 3

Yesterday I attended Julian Dyke’s session on Inside Rac and had the good fortune to be node 2 in a 4way node cluster. And Julian clearly demonstrated the importance of a good network in RAC, particularly for the internode interconnect.

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