UoK? Better Believe It

anticipate seeing people from all over the continent at UKOUG. The attendance over the past few years has been growing and nothing short of astounding. I am giving two papers at the show … one on a dear friend of us all called rman and the other on a close second … the physical standby. For me, even in the midst of emerging technology solutions, there’s still nothing like the old-fashioned Oracle CORE database arena.

PostgreSQL 9.1 Presentation Slides available

Our resident Postgres expert Emanuel spoke at the Libre Software World Conferencelast week about PostgreSQL 9.1, and as the Community Liasion for PalominoDB for a few more days, I am posting the slides so that folks can download them.  They are in PPT format: Enjoy, and remember that all of our presentation slides and…

New England Database Summit

The New England Database Summit is an all day conference-style event where participants from the research community and industry in the New England area can come together to present ideas and discuss their research and experiences working with on data-related problems.  It is an academic conference with applications to real life, and includes any type…

Prep’ing for UKOUG or what

The presentation deadline for UKOUG is 8 days away. I have been madly preparing for 2 presentations, one on my best friend (rman) and the other on my co-best friend (the physical standby). Both of these topics have been perennial favourites for me and many of my attendees. I find with both of these items, there is always something more to learn.

I Have Never Seen Such an Impressive Line-up for the AUSOUG Conference

If you haven’t considered attending the AUSOUG conference in Perth yet, you definitely should! Out of 50 sessions I counted 21 to be presented by Oracle ACEs and Oracle ACE Directors; 8 by Oracle employees and at least 2 by Oracle Certified Masters! Briefly looking though the conference program I would like to suggest that you consider sessions from the following speakers.

PalominoDB Percona Live: London Slides are up!

Percona Live: London was a rousing success for PalominoDB.  I was sad that I could not attend, but I got a few people who sent “hellos” to me via my coworkers.  But on to the most important stuff — slides from our presentations are online! René Cannao spoke about MySQL Backup and Recovery Tools and Techniques (description) – slides (PDF)…

Sydney Found Secret of Becoming RockStar DBA

Practice, Innovation, Learning, Positive Paranoia are few of the key factors which make a DBA rockstar. Paul Vallee, who is employing hundreds of top-notch DBAs from across the planet to service world’s busiest and critical databases nailed the concept down with a thud.

Percona Live:London, RightScale and Eucalyptus training discounts!

(Tune in tomorrow where I tell you how you can win USD$100, like I did last week!) Not signed up for Percona Live:London and need some motivation to do so?  How about a £40.00 discount?  That means the Expo Hall is free, regular registration is £260.00 and the tutorials + conference price is £500.00.  Use discount code “PDBUK”….

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