Video: High Performance Search with BlackRay Data Engine

I realized yesterday that I never did finish putting up the videos from this year’s Open Database Camp back in May, so I’m working on finishing that in the next few weeks. Today I put up High Performance Search with BlackRay Data Engine – Felix Schupp.  The slides are on the web at, and the video…

The Chronicles of Yanick: Rise of the Perlmongers

As it was my very first YAPC, I stuffed my schedule as if I were a child left alone in a bakery and the talks were cakes. Consequently, I ended up booked solid from 10am to 6pm for all of the three days of the conference. Next time, I will probably go a little easier on the talks and give myself more room to attend hackatons, BOFs and whatnots. But for a first time? Walking the talks was the way to go, both to get a feeling of the conference and to take advantage of the occasion and connect all the Perl big names with their wetware implementations.

ANZ: Oracle RAC SIG let meet at InSync11

This post is addressed to all RAC SIG members who are planning to participate in the InSync11 conference this August in Sydney Australia! InSync11 is organized by Oracle Community for Oracle Community and is one of the biggest Oracle technology dedicated events in Australia and New Zealand region. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn from others, listen to experts from around the world and meet face to face people from your networks (including RAC SIG).

The Chronicles of Yanick: Pitch Black

Boys and girls, please make yourself comfortable. Sit back, clip your seatbelt, and relax as we ready ourselves to take the scenic route to YAPC. I’ll try to stick to a semi-chronological order, which means that I will begin at the beginning. Maybe not the beginning beginning — my youth was a fairly uneventful and boring one — but a beginning that provides both scope and a springboard to this odyssey.

Open Source Bridge, day 1 keynote

Hacker Lounge – open 22 hours a day (closed between 6 and 8 fit cleaning). Android app Session notes link on each page, takes you to thewiki. #osb11 is the official hashtag Friday is unconference (I won’t be here on Friday). What is open source citizenship? Nominate people for open spice citizenship awards by the…

Liveblogging: A dozen databases in 45 minutes

Actually, the slide is 12 databases in 25 minutes (and 20 minutes of theory) by Eric Redmond (@inviite). Complex data:  A lot of data isn’t really complex, it’s just modeled in a complex way. “Complexity is a symptom of confusion, not a cause” Jeff Hawkins. NoSQL Linear Scalability Ability to be Distributed Low Latency  …

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