Slides for Configuring MySQL for Optimal Performance

On Sunday at Collaborate 11, I delivered a 6-hour presentaton on “Configuring MySQL for Optimal Performance”.  While there was a lot of discussion and points made that are not captured in the slides and their notes, if you want to download the slides/notes there is a 1.0 Mb PDF at Also, you may have noticed…

We don’t call it COLLABORATE for nothing

COLLABORATE … the ultimate yearly destination for knowledge transfer between peers … what a vehicle. I have missed one year of the IOUG show in the past 21 offerings. There is no better place to be in the spring of each calendar year … see you there.

Important Things I’ve Learned at Hotsos 2011

Hotsos is a blast. Easily the best technical Oracle conference. The speakers are terrific, the topics are cutting edge and the audience is experienced, intelligent and engaged. I’m documenting the best lessons I’ve learned, so you can learn too and so I won’t forget them.

PgEast 11 The End Game

Well the last busy day here in The Big Apple again a number of very good technical talks. It is not often that the developer of a key piece of a technology gives an intro talk so I grasped it when it came up. Robert Haas gave a very informative talk on the theory behind WAL (Write Ahead Logging) and how it is implemented on PostgreSQL as compared to other DBs. His talk never ventured into the neither world of techno-babel but gave just enough of the technical side to get the understanding out. In the second part of his talk Robert focused on a introduction of the ‘Buzz’ words of WAL that one might have to deal with. There were some other great presentatios as well, I mention a few here

PgEast 2011 Day The Second

Well day two here at PgEast has drawn to a close and it was another very informative day.Today I concentrated on the more common tasks of a Pg DBA so I attended three talks (four if you count mine) that where rather heavy on the technical side of being a Pg DBA. Keep reading.

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