How to Migrate a Database Using GoldenGate

There are many ways to migrate a database from A server to B server like Datapump, RMAN,etc. Using the combination of datapump and GoldenGate to migrate your database on cross-platform will minimize your down-time to even three minutes. This method can be used for any size database from MB to TB level. Here is a…

Disabling Triggers in Oracle

Yes you can still disable triggers per-session in Oracle, but you have to have a GoldenGate license, set the enable_goldengate_replication parameter, use a program name that starts with replicat, and set your module to OGG.

Disabling Oracle triggers on a per-session basis

The method of disabling triggers requires Oracle or, plus execute permissions on sys.dbms_xstream_gg. Since it’s a call to an XStream package, it may also require a XStream license. So if I haven’t scared you away yet, here’s a quick testcase: