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Webinar for EMEA, June 4: Migrating to an Open Source DB Platform

Paul Vallée, Pythian’s founder and Executive Chairman really opened our eyes. Paul talks about Oracle’s 11G features with the same enthusiasm he has for MySQL’s federated architecture, or for SQL Server’s peer-to-peer replication technology. You could hardly find anybody who presents his visionary views of the new technology trends like cloud computing, virtualization, or server consolidation with such a deep understanding of the topics. Here is your opportunity to confer with Paul Vallée on Thursday, June 4, 2009 12:00 PM–1:00 PM CEST (11AM–12:00 PM GMT) in a free webinar, Database Platform Migration.

Pythian Offers Customized Training/Consulting Package

Yesterday, The Pythian Group issued a press release about my book, MySQL Administrator’s Bible, Pythian’s partnership with Sun, and our new “MySQL Adoption Accelerator Package”. I am not a marketing guru, but I can tell you what we the package means in terms of new work that the MySQL teams have been doing.

The Pythian-Sun/MySQL Partnership

MySQL Platinum Enterprise Support for MySQL is now bundled with every Pythian support contract. As a partner at the Platinum-level Pythian receives the level of support that meshes with the elite and ultra-responsive level of enterprise infrastructure management that has been our tradition for over ten years.

Database Platform Migration — Webinar in Australia

I’m excited to announce that Paul Vallée, Pythian Founder and Executive Chairman, will be on-the-air online this week with a free webinar — Database Platform Migration: when is it strategically appropriate to migrate existing applications to an open-source platform? It’s based on our 10+ years experience supporting proprietary databases, such as Oracle and SQL Server, and open-source MySQL databases on the other hand and what we learned on the numerous migrations.

Can Pythian help Vodafone Australia?

I can’t stand this anymore so here it goes…We have just hired one more DBA in our Sydney office (welcome Andre!) and we need a new mobile phone. We were trying to contact Vodafone representatives multiple times today starting early morning but they keep saying that their system is down and they cannot subscribe us to anything or validate our previous requests. They also confirmed that they lost many customers today — well, most of today’s new customers for sure and pissed of quite a few existing clients.

Pythian adds another Certified MySQL Cluster DBA

The Pythian Group added another feather to its cap today. Our Nicklas Westerlund passed his MySQL Cluster DBA Certification exam, making him part of an elite group of 57 MySQL Cluster Certified DBAs worldwide, and now two here at Pythian, the other being Augusto Bott.

Happy New Year from Pythian Australia!

Hello everyone! Before I move to the seasonal greetings, let me share some exciting news. 2008 was quite remarkable for Pythian and, in addition to our ongoing success and growth, we established Pythian Europe back in May. To top it off, we have now laid the foundation for Pythian East Asia Pacific. Pythian Australia Pty Ltd was incorporated and started official operations in Australia this month, taking over service delivery for the region. We have a few local clients and already signed some new ones, so this is quite an exciting beginning.

Pythian and Open Query Sponsor OSDC 2008 in Sydney

We decided to join forces with Open Query in sponsoring the Open Source Developer’s Conference 2008 in Sydney that has just started. Here is Arjen’s blog post about it – you can find the details of his presentations there. What’s Pythian has to do with open source? If you read this blog you already know that quite a few MySQL community leaders and active contributors are working at Pythian and I’m very proud to have such colleagues. You might also know that Pythian’s John Scoles maintains DBD::Oracle Perl package and that MySQL Monitoring Plug-in for Oracle Grid Control written by your humble servant.

Pythian Penal Colony: Inmate #8777984426

Long story short — I’m moving to Australia. My flight from Ottawa leaves in three hours and I’m all packed and ready to go. Today we had a kiss-goodbye lunch at here at the Pythian office in Ottawa, and I was presented my new role Down Under. Hmm . . . to be honest, I expected it to be somewhat different….

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