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Outsourcing vs. Offshoring

I tripped over an old oracle-l exchange (not that old, from March of this year) and I thought it would make good content for a blog post on the critical difference between outsourcing and offshoring. It started when Ethan Post posted a link to this fascinating story at the Ludwig von Mises Institute about how the U.S. dollar’s collapse affects the outsourcing industry. As many of these posts do, the idea of outsourcing gets conflated with that of offshoring. What the author really means to say is that the “downward dollar delivers a blow to offshoring”, not outsourcing. Let me explain further. I am now cribbing shamelessly from my oracle-l post and so if you read this already this spring, my apologies.

Announcement: The Pythian Group and Open Query: Partners

I’d like to share some great news — The Pythian Group and Open Query have become partners! Open Query is a leading provider of high-quality MySQL, PostgreSQL and related training in Australia and New Zealand. They offer consulting services too, and are also known for their MySQL Graph Storage Engine. Feel free to browse through Open Query web-site for more info.

Join us! Pythian Europe Launch Event in Prague on Wednesday

I’m pleased to announce that there will be the formal launch of Pythian Europe at the premises of the Canadian Embassy in Prague on Wednesday the 6th of August from 17:00 to 18:30. This historic event will be announced by Mrs. Sameena Qureshi, Trade Counsellor, Embassy of Canada; and Paul Vallee, President and Founder, The Pythian Group. Present will be various members from the press (IT and Business), as well as representatives from Oracle and Sun Microsystems, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Prague, and many more. We will prepare some unusual and very tasty snacks and refreshments.

Alex Gorbachev’s RSS Feeds Aggregated

The Pythian blog has grown significantly since then and many more excellent authors started blogging there. While the Pythian blog was mostly focused on Oracle database just a couple years ago, it’s has got very broad coverage might be just too much for some as few people already complained and unsubscribed to avoid being overwhelmed with is a way to subscribe only to a selected category or a single author — just add /feed/ at the end of pretty much any page.

On Joining Pythian

‘ve joined Pythian and thought I would present myself and give my initial opinions on Pythian as a employer. So far, I really enjoy everything that Pythian has, excellent co-workers, great spirits, nice work environment and fun challenges. Plus this will be my first time ever in Canada, so that’s something I will show too, I just hope it’s not that cold during July.

Pythian in eWeek, the backstory

I was happy to be invited by Brian Prince at eWeek to answer some questions he had posed to Pythian, NTirety and industry analysts Noel Yuhanna of Forrester and Peter O’Kelley of the Burton Group. You can take a look at the end result here.

Introducing Pythian Europe

It is with great pride that I am able to announce that Pythian is making a large investment in Europe. As of this month, Pythian Europe s.r.o. is fully operational and we have headquartered the company in beautiful Prague. Additional offices are planned in Paris and Malta by the end of the summer.

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