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PalominoDB’s Proactive Support

I’m rather passionate about what we do here at PalominoDB.  When I tell people about what makes us different from the competition, I often discuss the proactive work we do.  We are not a reactive company.  We know that proactive reviews are what keep a database up and running smoothly, and we definitely want to…

Why use PalominoDB?

[edited June 8th to correct typo; the figure given is per YEAR, not per month] Why PalominoDB: Efficiency in Time and Cost –  The average salary for a full-time DBA is $80-120K per year, not counting payroll and benefit costs.  You can retain PalominoDB for your senior needs at only $37,200 a year based on…

Announcing the Flash Cache Query Tool for Oracle Exadata

Pythian is pleased to announce the new Flash Cache Query Tool for Oracle Exadata, developed by our Senior Consultant, and Oracle ACE, Christo Kutrovsky. This tool will be most valuable for Exadata DBAs and Exadata Architects that are trying to understand if the Oracle Exadata Flash Cache is used as envisioned.

Handling Human Errors

I saw an Interesting question on preventing human error posted on the DBA Managers Forum discussions today. I typed my thoughts and as I was finishing, I thought that it makes sense to post it on the blog too, so here we go…

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