Reading System Logs: SQL Server – Part 2

Greetings! Last time I talked about reading System Logs on the SQL Server box, explaining why it is really important that DBA(s) should scan through the logs once a day on a critical production system. As I mentioned in my previous blog post , sometimes there are messages logged in as information, and at times it can…

Tracking ASM Metrics

Collecting ASM IO Metrics If you are an Oracle DBA, then it is quite likely that Oracle ASM is used as the storage management for at least some of the databases you manage. Eventually you will want to see ASM metrics that can be used to track the performance of the storage over time.  There…

Batched Table Access

When I first saw the suffix BATCHED in an Oracle execution plan from 12c, I was curious to see what is hidden behind and how it works. I had some spare time for testing and wanted to share my findings with you here.