New replication features in MySQL 5.6

This post was thought of as an attempt to make some performance test with new multi-threaded replication in 5.6, at least that was my initial intention. Based on Luis Soarez – Replication Team Leader in Oracle – post. I wanted to play with new set of variables and features in order to understand how new multi-threaded replication works and make some performance tests.

The Magic of kSar for one-time system graphs

I forget from whom I first learned about kSar, but I am in debt to that person once again.  I first learned about it about a year ago, and it has been extremely useful whenever I am trying to debug system where I do not have access to trending graphs.  kSar is an open source…

PalominoDB at PerconaLive

PalominoDB is very excited about our participation in the upcoming PerconaLiveconference in London.  We’ll have two of our European staff presenting.  On Monday, Jonathan Levin will be doing a tutorial on Advanced MySQL Scaling Strategies for Developers, and on Tuesday Rene Cannao will be presenting on MySQL Backup and Recovery Tools and Techniques.  Rene and Jonathan…

Why are your indexes larger than your actual data?

I sometimes encounter this phenomenon when a database has tables in which the indexes are larger—sometimes much larger—than the actual data stored in the table. Often, the table becomes unwieldy, which generates a number of questions: Should I partition? Should I shard? Should I use a different database entirely?   The problem is especially common…

Log Buffer #241, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

World has opened up in San Fransisco with the database bangs. MySQL and Oracle databases have scintillated the hearts of developers, DBAs, technology aficionados, and the mere spectators. That and plethora of news has also poured in from SQLServer melas. This Log Buffer Edition is proud to shed spotlight on all these happenings in this Log Buffer #241.

How Oracle Has Done Nothing to Change MySQL

Last night at the Oracle OpenWorld MySQL Community Reception, there were lots of old and new friends milling about.  It occurred to me that there is one very important thing Oracle has NOT changed about the MySQL world – the rock stars and higher-ups are still readily accessible. One of the things I love about…

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