Log Buffer #231, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

Log Writer is busily and efficiently pumping out innumerable bytes from log buffer to online redo logs, while more and more exciting features are being added to the MySQL and the SQL Server community is getting more vibrant with each passing day, and in all this beautiful frenzy, we manage to catch some elegant blog posts from across all these Log Buffer editions and present you this Log Buffer #231.

Liveblogging at OSCON Data: Drizzle, Virtualizing and Scaling MySQL for the Future

Brian Aker presents “Drizzle, Virtualizing and Scaling MySQL for the Future” at OSCon Data 2011 #drizzle @brianaker 2005 MySQL 5.0 released – web developers wanted tons of features that were not in the release (making replication better for instance) 2008 Sun buys MySQL 2008 MySQL 6.0 is forked to become Drizzle 2009…

Log Buffer #230, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

Once again this week, you are holding the new edition of Log Buffer in your hands. From across the database planet, fresh and sizzling blog posts of Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL are presented just for you in Log Buffer #230. Enjoy and give your feedback in the comments.

Video: High Performance Search with BlackRay Data Engine

I realized yesterday that I never did finish putting up the videos from this year’s Open Database Camp back in May, so I’m working on finishing that in the next few weeks. Today I put up High Performance Search with BlackRay Data Engine – Felix Schupp.  The slides are on the web at, and the video…

Why We Need the Bugs Database to Stay Public

There are been many non-quantifiable (but valid) reasons why the bugs database at should remain open and have as many bugs open to the public as possible.  However, while researching an article recently I uncovered a simple, concrete reason why the bugs database needs to stay as open as possible: So we know when to…

Log Buffer #229, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

Blogs are not just yet another piece of writing. They are the manifestation of passion, perfection and purity of love towards the community. Bloggers take immense pride in sharing what they know or want to know in their blog posts, and that enables the community to respond by learning or by teaching. Log Buffer is a way to appreciate this passion, and Log Buffer #229 is yet another example of that.

Log Buffer #228, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

un is shining and the warm wind is blowing and bringing in new and novel ideas for the technology blogs and database are no exception. From the SQL Server to MySQL and up to Oracle, blogs are bubbling with warm and cool blog posts and we present you the pick of the week in this Log Buffer #228 edition of Log Buffer.

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