Why We Need the Bugs Database to Stay Public

There are been many non-quantifiable (but valid) reasons why the bugs database at should remain open and have as many bugs open to the public as possible.  However, while researching an article recently I uncovered a simple, concrete reason why the bugs database needs to stay as open as possible: So we know when to…

Log Buffer #229, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

Blogs are not just yet another piece of writing. They are the manifestation of passion, perfection and purity of love towards the community. Bloggers take immense pride in sharing what they know or want to know in their blog posts, and that enables the community to respond by learning or by teaching. Log Buffer is a way to appreciate this passion, and Log Buffer #229 is yet another example of that.

Log Buffer #228, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

un is shining and the warm wind is blowing and bringing in new and novel ideas for the technology blogs and database are no exception. From the SQL Server to MySQL and up to Oracle, blogs are bubbling with warm and cool blog posts and we present you the pick of the week in this Log Buffer #228 edition of Log Buffer.

You can’t turn Query Cache Off before MySQL 5.5

… or at least, not completely! It often happens to see and hear of replication SQL thread almost always in state “invalidating query cache entries (table)” . The classic tip is “set global query_cache_size=0″ . While sometime this works, others don’t; the query cache is “disabled” and you still see the SQL thread in state…

Log Buffer #227, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

An ideal summer day is when the sun is shining, the warm sunshine refreshes your body, the light breeze becomes naught with your hair, the birds sitting on intoxicated leaves smile at you, and you to top all of that you get the latest hot issue of the Log Buffer. Yes to put cherry on your cake, Log Buffer #227 is here.

Replication and EC2 gotcha

Tonight a client restarted some instances on EC2 and they got different IPs. This broke replication because the slaves were trying to connect to the masters using IPs that weren’t existing any more. To solve the task is easy: just CHANGE MASTER TO using the new IP (or the hostname).   Although there is a…

Open Source Bridge, day 1 keynote

Hacker Lounge – open 22 hours a day (closed between 6 and 8 fit cleaning). Android app Session notes link on each page, takes you to thewiki. #osb11 is the official hashtag Friday is unconference (I won’t be here on Friday). What is open source citizenship? Nominate people for open spice citizenship awards by the…

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