Designing Index to Eliminate Sorting

Using algorithm described in “Relational Database Index Design and the Optimizers by Tapio Lahdenmaki and Mike Leach”, I quickly came up with two indexes and while first one looked fine, I was really confused by the second one for the elimination of the sort. Let me show an example, not copy one from the book, but rather show a test I did with MySQL.

SkySQL Reference Architecture and What’s New in MySQL 5.5 videos

If you missed Percona Live yesterday, you missed an awesome 1-day conference.  However, to solace you, here are a few videos from Open Database Camp: SkySQL Reference Architecture – by Kaj Arnö of SkySQL What’s New in MySQL 5.5 – by Giuseppe Maxia of Continuent – slides Enjoy, and look forward to more information from Percona Live…

Running MySQL on SSDs and Databases: The Legal Layer

The weekly MySQL podcast, conferences, plus my regular day job here at PalominoDB have kept me quite busy in the past few months.  However, for those that missedOpenDBCamp in Sardinia, I have good news:  I will be uploading videos from OpenDBCamp in the next few weeks.  I will be highlighting what I think are the…

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