SkySQL Reference Architecture and What’s New in MySQL 5.5 videos

If you missed Percona Live yesterday, you missed an awesome 1-day conference.  However, to solace you, here are a few videos from Open Database Camp: SkySQL Reference Architecture – by Kaj Arnö of SkySQL What’s New in MySQL 5.5 – by Giuseppe Maxia of Continuent – slides Enjoy, and look forward to more information from Percona Live…

Running MySQL on SSDs and Databases: The Legal Layer

The weekly MySQL podcast, conferences, plus my regular day job here at PalominoDB have kept me quite busy in the past few months.  However, for those that missedOpenDBCamp in Sardinia, I have good news:  I will be uploading videos from OpenDBCamp in the next few weeks.  I will be highlighting what I think are the…


Shlomi blogged over the weekend about DATETIME vs. TIMESTAMP, and hit all the major differences, except one extremely important one that very few people know about (in my opinion). Coincidentally, last week’s OurSQL podcast was about time, and included the most important difference between TIMESTAMP vs. DATETIME: TIMESTAMP is stored, transparently to you and me,…

Using KateSQL to connect to an Oracle database in Kate

Among the features announced with the release of version 4.6 of the KDE Software Compilation is KateSQL, a SQL Query plugin for the Kate text editor. It leverages the Qt SQL module, enabling connections to most types of databases, and includes support for MySQL and SQLite. In this post I’ll show you how to get it to connect to Oracle databases.

InnoDB error: Total number of locks exceeds the lock table size

Recently, one of our customers had a problem with one of their replication slaves where a sql statement gave an error while executing on the slave which was executed successfully on the Master server. The slave stopped with the error. We found the main difference in MySQL configuration between Master and Slave was the amount of memory allocated to innodb_buffer_pool_size because Slave was running several MySQL instances that were used for backup purposes. We need to increase the memory of innodb_buffer_pool_size variable where the locks table can fit in the configuration file and restart the database. This should fix the problem.

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