MySQL 5.5 is GA!

Today it was announced that MySQL 5.5 is GA.  This is very exciting news; we have not had a GA announcement since MySQL 5.1 two years ago.  There are tons of new features, mostly performance enhancements, that I am looking forward to.  Here is why I am excited about MySQL 5.5: First and foremost:  the…

Zabbix Templates for MySQL

We recently had a client come to us, and ask us to improve their MySQL monitoring inZabbix. So, we did. The approach we took was to port the MySQL script from the superb mysql-cacti-templates project to work with Zabbix. This works out well, because Zabbix is like cacti and nagios combined, and, what we wound up getting, are some…

Video: Database Change Management by Jacob Nikom

At the November 2010 Boston User Group, Jacob Nikom presented his solution for database change management using MySQL. This system is designed to keep a repository of tables and data that an application needs to function. For example, an application might need at least one administrative user, or a table with a list of countries….

Call for Papers – NoCOUG 2011

North California Oracle User Group are planning their 2011 conferences and are looking for good presentations! We are a very friendly local user group, so if you live in NorCal and never presented before – this is a great place to start! We love seeing new presenters and we even have a public speaking expert on our board who loves giving feedback when requested. Of course, we are nice to seasoned gurus too.

Percona XtraDB Information_schema Changing

I’ve been working a lot with xtradb versions of mysql over the last year, and more and more have begun to attempt to leverage the information_schema instrumentation that has been put in place. Today, I went into a system with this install (admittedly a very recent one) Server version: 5.1.51-rel11.5-log Percona Server (GPL), 11.5, Revision…

Events and Replication, part 1

MySQL events have been in GA for 2 years.  Events are not used as much as I would like — often organizations will have cron jobs or scheduled tasks to perform ETL, maintenance and small aggregation tasks.  For example, a website that shows how many users are logged in might update a “cache table” with…

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