What’s New in 11i TXK AutoConfig and Templates Rollup Patch S

The 11i TXK AutoConfig and Templates Rollup Patch S (6372396) was released on May 5th. This patch differs from traditional TXK autoconfig template patch releases in that the ATG team decided to include some other important TXK patches also with this release. One of these is TXK Advanced Utilities Rollup Patch C (5011249). As a side effect of this generous inclusion of import updates, the patch size has increased from 16mb (RUP R) to 65mb (RUP S).

Undocumented parameter _fix_control: How to break your database

Beware this parameter can prevent your database from starting. Indeed it can prevent your instance from starting! There are two dynamic views v$system_fix_control and v$session_fix_control which were introduced in 10.2 and control whether fixes for bugs in the optimizer can be turned on or off. This can also be controlled using the _fix_control initialization parameter. Also beware if setting this parameter in a running database. You can prevent further logins if you get it wrong or indeed try to unset it. Do not do. The moral of the story is be very careful with undocumented parameters when upgrading!

Introducing Pythian Europe

It is with great pride that I am able to announce that Pythian is making a large investment in Europe. As of this month, Pythian Europe s.r.o. is fully operational and we have headquartered the company in beautiful Prague. Additional offices are planned in Paris and Malta by the end of the summer.

Installing Oracle 11g on Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (Hardy Heron)

After our last post about installing Oracle 11g on Ubuntu 7.10 (November, 6th), and considering Ubuntu 8.04 LTS was released on April 21st, I spent some time reviewing and putting together this new HOWTO for the installation. Please note: I’ve used the x86 server version of Ubuntu 8.04, but the same steps should work without any problems for the Desktop version. Also notice that this whole procedure can easily take over six hours to complete, so don’t complain I didn’t warn you! So, let’s get started, shall we?

Oracle Application Server: How to Bounce AS from One Location

n this post and some upcoming posts, I’m going to write more about Oracle application servers, a subject we have addressed too little on the Pythian blog. In this post, I am addressing how to bounce a whole application server, including all tiers and databases from one location. The reason being, I have a request from a client to have the application server be bounced automatically during the weekend to release swaps and to address memory leaks.

Oracle RAC, v$, and gv$

I have experienced some pain at the hands of the Oracle RAC. My first encounter was about five months ago when I first became an “official” DBA. Being eager to jump into solving problems in my new job (as that’s what most DBAs do, solve problems), I relished the chance to get my hands dirty and work on a “real” DBA task — a database lock. Checking with a few knowledgeable co-workers, I was directed to a set of common database diagnostic scripts affectionately known as the “Pythian Kit”. his wasn’t the confidence-boosting exercise that I had anticipated.

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