Cloning Oracle Home from RAC to Stand-Alone

I cloned Oracle software before and it is a simple process: tar $ORACLE_HOME, copy the tar file to the new server, untar, run the cloning script which will register the new home with the inventory, and you are done! In theory, at least. Here is what actually happened:

Presentation and Interview at NoCOUG Spring Conference

NoCOUG Spring Conference 2010 is in just 10 days, I’ll be doing my two hour long presentation — Demystifying Oracle RAC Workload Management. If it’s your local conference, I hope you can attend and say hello. You might also want to download the whitepaper that I put together few years ago for Hotsos Symposium — Oracle RAC Workload Management.

MySQL Track at Kaleidoscope

We have confirmed that there will be an entire MySQL track at Kaleidoscope! Because Kaleidoscope is less than 8 weeks away, we could not go through a standard call for papers. Ronald and I have been working to come up with appropriate topics and speakers for an audience that uses MySQL but is probably more familiar with Oracle.

Applying Oracle 11.2 April 2010 PSU for Single-Instance ASM and DBMS

I saw that PSU 9343627 was released and gave it a whirl. I was a little confused when the README seemed to contain a lot of instructions that always assumed it to be on a clustered, RAC install. My setup was a single-instance Grid Infrastructure installation just to provide ASM. I soon met problem upon problem when going through first this setup step. I decided to try the PSU anyway, thinking Oracle would certainly have noted in the README if this was a problem for single-node installations. Turns out I was wrong.

Patching an 11gR2 Grid Infrastructure Home

The process for applying a patch on top of the CRS, or now called, the Grid Infrastructure, has changed from what we used to do on 11gR1 and prior releases. The patch I had recently applied was in order to resolve the Oracle bug “ ONS CORE DUMP or High Resource Usage [ID 988795.1]”. Due to the fact that the patch doesn’t require full downtime and could be applied on a rolling basis, the plan below is to be executed on each node at time.

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