A MySQL Community Member Opinion of Oracle Buying Sun

The bottom line: As both a community member of MySQL, and a service provider, I am not worried about Oracle buying Sun and acquiring MySQL in the process. While it is theoretically possible that Oracle could decide to slow the growth of MySQL, it is not probable — if Oracle wanted to damage MySQL, Oracle would have caused a lot more damage a long time ago.

C.J. Date’s Seminar Not to Miss in January 2010

I’ve recently learned that Chris Date is giving a three days seminar. It must be one of the unique opportunities to learn from the world renown expert in relational database theory. The seminar title is “How to Write Correct SQL and Know It: A Relational Approach to SQL”. It’s focused on writing reliable SQL. While SQL has been designed as a simple access interface to relational data, it turned out to be quite complex and requires your to follow a certain disciplines to produce truly reliable SQL code — relational discipline.

DBD::Oracle on AIX 5.1

I installed DBD::Oracle on an IBM AIX 5.1 box, and for once I have some good news. Anyone who has ever tried this will know of some of the troubles I speak of. When dealing with DBI and any DBD on a AIX box, you either must either be lucky enough to have the same compiler installed that built the version of Perl that comes with the box (I have never seen this happen); or you have to spend a great deal of time downloading and installing your own GCC and the building your own version of Perl. Fortunately, all the hard work was done for me by other members of my team. Here’s how to do it.

UKOUG 2009 — Server Manageability Roundtable

This is a call for topics for the upcoming Server Manageability Roundtable that I will be running at UKOUG Conference 2009 Technology and E-Business Suite. The topic is quite broad so we will obviously need to focus on the most relevant areas for the attendees and this is the chance to state your interest so please comment away! Here are the topics that I think might be particularly interested…

New Oracle ACE at Pythian

I recently nominated my colleague and good friend Christo Kutrovsky for the Oracle ACE program. Today, I’m excited to share that he has been accepted and is now part of the community of 200+ Oracle ACEs and Oracle ACE Directors.

Oracle Parallel Query Sorting and Index Creation Performance Problems

There’s a serious performance bug that’s been in Oracle for a while, and finally there are hints of it been fixed, but only partially. The bug happens when performing sorting operations in parallel, and the source data is already well sorted. The “ranger” doesn’t do a good job of properly assigning row ranges to sorter processes, and ~90% of the rows end up being sent to the same parallel process, regardless of the level of parallelism.

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