André Araujo at AUSOUG National Conference

t’s only one week to go now and the program for the AUSOUG National Conference Series 2009 is out. I’ll be presenting on the first day in Perth (Nov 10th) about Oracle Flashback technology. I’m looking forward to attending the conference in Perth, not only because I’ll be presenting there but also because it’s my first time in Western Australia.

Running querys against multiple SQL Server AND Oracle instances

Before SQL Server 2008, there was no native support for running the same query against multiple instances using shipped tools, so it can be approached in one of these ways…I’ve used nearly all of them, but I have found that linked servers provide a higher degree of control on the target servers, error handling, and most important, the ability to use SQL server Encryption to store the credentials of source servers if some of the servers are using SQL authentication.

UKOUG Conference Tech & EBS 2009 — The Place to Be!

Yes, it’s almost that time of the year when one of the best Oracle conferences in the world opens its doors to attendees in Birmingham — UKOUG Conference 2009: Technology & E-Business Suite. The lineup of speakers will be fantastic as usual and agenda is full of juicy bits — You will have usual troubles scheduling sessions to attend and hate to make compromises between presentations you want to see badly but that’s kind of problems you’d rather have at a good conference.

AQ Notifications in Oracle 11gR1

The AQ notification process has changed from release 10gR2 to 11gR1. The most notable change is the switch from using DBMS_JOB jobs to DBMS_SCHEDULER jobs. The number of available jobs to run the notifications is limited to the number of JOB_QUEUE_PROCESSES that have been set up for that instance, and each job dequeues one message. In 11gR1 the notification process is very similar but instead of creating a DBMS_JOB job it creates a DBMS_SCHEDULER job. This, in itself, is not very different but here’s the big difference:

Pythian OOW09 Diaries: Interviews

I got a special press badge this year, I felt I had to do something about it so I decided to make short interview with few people that I’m running into during this Oracle Open World. I have already blogged about my Sunday’s interviews but I created a Youtube playlist where you can see them all (use arrows on the sides).

Pythian OOW09 Diaries: Bloggers Meetup

Thanks to all the bloggers for coming and sponsors for sponsoring! If you were on that meetup – make sure you blog about it, post you photos and publish the photo on *your* t-shirt to the community (yeah, you can take it off the wall this one time).

Oracle Restart Silent Installation

I had had some experience with silent (and not always successful) installation of Oracle versions 8 and 9, but thanks to an excellent post, Oracle Silent Mode, Part 1: Installation Of 10.2 And 11.1 Databases by Grégory Guillou, I got a new splash of joy using silent installations. RDBMS, Oracle Grid Control, agents, scheduler agents, collaboration software, etc., can be installed using the silent installation in latest versions. This post is about silent installation of one of the new Oracle 11g Rel.2 options called Oracle Restart.

ORA-01555: snapshot too old, When Running Flashback Query

Of all the frustrating, partially-completed features Oracle has released, this is the most frustrating. Did I mention this frustrating feature is frustrating when you get bitten by it?What am I referring to? FLASHBACK QUERY on a table that lives in a database with a large UNDO_RETENTION specified with lots and lots of UNDO_TABLESPACE space. Why is this behaving this way? Silly me, I really should read Oracle docs more carefully.Here’s what they say at Managing Undo for Your Database…There you have it folks. Please don’t get bitten with this the way I did.

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