Over 4 Billion Buffer Gets?

Recently I was looking into a long-running statement and noticed a curious thing. One moment, I had just over 4 billion buffer gets, and the next I had around 2 million. Beware that if you have had a statement running for some time, you cannot necessarily rely on the buffer_gets column in v$sql—it may be that it has run over the limit, been recycled, and is counting from zero again.

Alex Gorbachev at Oracle Open World 2009: Speaking Schedule

Oracle Open World 2009 is just few weeks away and I firmed up my presentation schedule now. I will present three “normal” presentations and couple unconference sessions. Before I get to the schedule, if you want to catch up with me during OOW — tweet me @alexgorbachev. You are likely to see me in the OTN Lounge or in “The Cave” if you know what I’m talking about. Here is a quick summary of my presentations.

Oracle Database Machine on a Budget: Standard Edition (SE)?

One of the customers (actually a prospect) here in Australia asked me about minimal Oracle licensing on a quarter rack database machine. This prompted a thought of using Oracle Standard Edition instead of full blown Enterprise Edition with bunch of options. Before even going into possibility of using Oracle SE for the database machine, let’s see if we even want to.

Unveiling the OLTP Oracle Database Machine & Exadata v2

Let’s go into the nitty-gritty… ODBM (Oracle Database Machine) v2 is twice as fast as version 1 when it comes to data warehousing. Compare to version 1, ODBM v2 runs OLTP traffic — “something that Netezza and Teradata can’t do at all… but we can do both [i.e. data warehousing] and we do both very well” said Ellison. So what’s inside?

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