Oracle Exadata v2 — Truly Oracle (Sun) Hardware

The rumors are that Oracle Exadata v2 and Oracle Database Machine v2 are going to be announced within few weeks and my take is that it’s going to happen at the Oracle Open World. I don’t think it comes as a surprise to anyone that it will be configured with Oracle Database 11g Release 2. Moving on to predictions and speculations…

Oracle RAC SIG Elections

Oracle RAC SIG is holding elections for its officers and it’s now time for all RAC SIG members to vote. The voting is closed on 30-Sep so make sure you don’t miss the deadline — go to Oracle RAC SIG web-site and click on “Elections” tab.

Bloggers Meetup @ Oracle Open World 2009

Are you an Oracle blogger attending Oracle Open World 2009? If so, you are invited to attend this Oracle Bloggers Meetup during OOW 2009 — a chance to meet your online buddies face-to-face in relaxed and informal atmosphere. Details here.

Installing TOra with Oracle Support on Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope)

Considering my recent update to Ubuntu 9.10, I decided to have another go at getting TOra up and running. This time I am tackling a 64-bit system rather than the 32-bit “Hardy Heron” I had done previously. On my way, I found some odd issues that I will describe here. All in all, it was a good few hours of cobbling together the pieces I needed to proudly present to you . . .

HOWTO: Oracle Cross-Platform Migration with Minimal Downtime

I recently performed a migration from Oracle 10gR2 on Solaris to the same version on Linux, immediately followed by an upgrade to 11g. Both platforms were x86-64. Migrating to Linux also included migrating to ASM, whereas we had been using ZFS to hold the datafiles on Solaris. Restoring files into ASM meant we would have to use RMAN.

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