Oracle Open World — Public Voting is Open

No doubt you want to cast you first vote for my abstract — Developing Plug-ins for Oracle Enterprise Manager by example :) This presentation starts with an introduction of Enterprise Manager’s Extensibility features and walks the audience through the basics of creating a new plug-in. This session will also demonstrate some proven plug-in development steps based on the experience gained from developing MySQL management plug-in. Session includes a demo of the plug-in development scenarios. After this presentation, attendees will be able to design and develop management plug-ins for their own applications. Login to Oracle Mix and vote now. At the time of writing, my session is on the very top — help to keep it there! ;-)

Pythian Video: Oracle RAC – VIP Configuration Mistakes

The first videocast was quite popular — it has more than 300 views in couple weeks and considering no Hollywood stars were starring in that video and there were no nude scenes, I think it’s fair to say that this format was very much welcomed by the audience. Today, I’m posting the follow up session on VIP’s (Virtual IP’s) with Oracle RAC. What I demonstrate today is a typical configuration mistake for a RAC databases created with Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA) and what’s the result of such omission.

Hey, I’m an Oracle ACE Director Now!

I’ve been just sending the abstracts for UKOUG 2009 Conference before the extended deadline is over and realized that I hadn’t spread those exciting news. Actually, the news spread via Twitter before I saw the official confirmation in my inbox. Well, I guess the blog post title says it all. It’s a pleasure to join this program and get engaged in its activities.

Images in a database

About six months ago, the question of storing images in a database came up. This is one of my favorite topics, and has many database-agnostic parts. Personally, I think “tell me about storing images in a database” is actually a great interview question, because you will be able to see the difference between someone who has just memorized “what’s right” versus someone who is really thinking. It also helps you see how someone will communicate.

Turn Off db_cache_advice To Avoid Latch Contention Bugs

A couple of weeks ago, we noticed some timeouts in some of our standard Oracle RDBMS health check scripts on a new instance. At first the timeouts were infrequent, but over the course of a week started to grow in frequencey until the point where none of the checks were finishing in the allowed timeframe. We ran an AWR report, and tucked far down in the “Latch Activity” section, a colleague noticed this…

Oracle: Limiting Query Runtime Without Killing the Session

Resource Manager not only allows one to define how much CPU a certain user or group gets, it also lets one switch into lower priority groups and kill a query while leaving the session running. It is like running a SELECT statement in sqlplus, and pressing ctrl-c. The session is still alive, yet the query is canceled. Sure, the Resource Manager is documented by Oracle, but when I started to test this feature, I came across a few very interesting things that are not as well documented, and that’s what prompted me to write this post

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