RMOUG: Day 1

Day One at RMOUG in Denver is now over. There were quite a few interesting presentations. Unfortunately, the very first I went to was canceled due to car trouble. I also found that several sessions of similar interest to me overlapped, so I had to choose my spots. I provided a detailed breakdown of the sessions I attended here.

Different Technology Stacks On Production and DR?

Last week, I was at the NetApp office in North Sydney for the presentation on NetApp SnapManager for Oracle. It was good opportunity to learn more about NetApp snapshots while working on a project for one of our clients in Sydney. It was an especially interesting topic as I have some experience using Veritas Checkpoints. I learned that NetApp can provide access to the same LUNs via either Fiber-Channel (FC) or iSCSI. And this is when the interesting argument surfaced.

Oracle 10g Release 1 is Out of Premier Support

During the Premier Support time-frame, Oracle is committed to providing interim patches for the most current patchset (and if you can persuade them, even for older patchsets). Oracle 10.1 is only supported as part of Extended Support, a purchasable option providing customers with an option to get one-off patches for their critical issues.

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