UKOUG 2008 – Arrival and Tuesday

You should be able to find me in few places – OakTable, Pythian booth or wandering between the halls as well as sitting on few session. Oh, almost forgot to say that I had great evening last night and it was a pleasure to catch up with everyone at the Focus Pubs and later and the Tap & Spile. I should mention that Scottish table was my favorite at the Focus Pubs as they had the best drinks around

Pythian at UKOUG 2008

Several of us from The Pythian Group will be at the UKOUG 2008 Conference & Exhibition in Birmingham UK, from the 1st to the 5th of December. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the UKOUG, so the gathering is expected to be really big. Pythian will contribute two presentations…

Oracle 11g: Multi-Column Correlation Without Extended Stats

Today I’ve been trying to reproduce in an 11g database one of the problems I faced with 10g—one on those problems Riyaj described in his Multi-Column Correlation and Extended Stats in Oracle 11g post. And the fun part is that I wasn’t able to reproduce it. Yet just setting optimizer_features_enable=’′ made it show up again. It was as though Oracle can detect Multi-Column Correlation without Extended Statistics. How is this possible? You don’t need any complicated schemas to check this out for yourself; just one table as below….

Installing Oracle 11gR1 on Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex

Hello, there! With another Ubuntu release, it has come the time to update our series of posts on how to install Oracle 11g on Ubuntu. In this post, we’ll see the steps needed to install Oracle 11gR1 on an Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex box all the way to creating your very first database. I’ve been working very hard to ensure that at every new post, the results you get when executing this procedure are as deterministic as possible, leading to a successful setup.

Performance Tuning: HugePages in Linux

Recently we quickly and efficiently resolved a major performance issue with one of our clients related to a central database that was intermittently freezing because of high CPU usage. In this blog, I will discuss this performance issue and its solution.

Thoughts on the Cloud

For those of you who have been under a rock for the last several years, there is a buzz-phrase floating around—cloud computing. If you haven’t been paying attention, it is time to wake up. While I could spend an entire blog post—if not several—on a definition of cloud computing, I will be talking only about cloud computing in the sense of companies moving servers from their building or network operations center to running virtual servers in this computing cloud.

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