Testing a Physical Standby Database in Oracle 10g

If you don’t want to deal with missteps, I recommend that you test your standby database to facilitate the failover or switchover process. This procedure is very useful when you have physical standby databases for testing and other purposes that require read-write access to the standby database. Also, it improves your checklist in the event of an error or disaster. Here is how to do it.

Hitting Oracle with a Hammer

Recently, I had an opportunity to participate in a database stress-testing exercise. The objective is to make sure the particular hardware can handle the expected load and also to test where the physical limit of the machine lies if we keep increasing the number of concurrent users. I searched for tools available out there. The open source Hammerora turned out to be excellent tool for the purpose of simulating a typical transactions load in any number of threads. It’s built with the Tcl scripting language and it can simulate a real workload with as many client user sessions as your system can handle. If you’re looking for an easy way to measure throughput performance of your database, keep reading.

Little Grid Control Issues

Sometimes you find yourself facing some little problem. You don’t believe it’s a bug or software deficiency, and you spend some time trying to find out what is the silly thing you’ve missed. Here are a handful of issues in Grid Control that cause this sort of little problem.

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