Standby Log Apply Elapsed Time

This has been discussed before by my colleague Paul Moen in his article on Oracle standby recovery rate monitoring, but I recently made a discovery that makes it easier to generate both statistics on log apply performance, and more useful stats too. First, let me say that this discovery is based on my observations and has not been verified with Oracle Support nor by any insider. If you know one who can confirm this, please ask him or her.

Reporting from Perth AUSOUG Conference 2008

My presentation was on the first day, right after the keynote, and following my habit of reviewing the slides before the show, I spent this keynote hour one-to-one with my MacBook. My few jokes on the initial slides were not as good as they would be with larger audience but, at least, resulted in smiles so I guess I can call it success to a certain degree. The presentation itself went well I think but I wasn’t too trilled about it and there are few places I want to change before I present it at Gold Coast. Well, live and learn. read more about my experience at AUSOUG here.

AUSOUG Conference 2008 in Perth — Getting Ready

My session is the first in the schedule — right after the keynote. The presentation is titled “Oracle ASM 11g: The Evolution”. It will be the first time I’m presenting on this topic and, surprise-surprise, it’s almost ready as I kept working on it on the plane and in the hotel yesterday. I know, I know — having your presentation ready two days in advance is unusual. Shame on me. But I’ll make it up and change the slides completely tonight and tomorrow morning — no worries.

Is Cloud Computing a Trap?

A short post to direct people’s attention to and solicit comments on the following from someone who is admittedly a hero of mine, Richard Stallman. That blockquote links to the article at the Guardian where Stallman is interviewed and quoted. Please follow it to read the article in its entirety.What do you think?

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