Installing Oracle R12 EBS in my Living Room

I built a Dual Core box with 8G of RAM for an install of E-Business Suite R12. For OS I chose Oracle EL5U2, mainly because I’m used to the RH/OEL clones, and also because I expected it to be less painful than other distributions. I started slowly, as time allowed, spending some time chasing various libraries and packages on the Net. Eventually it took me a week to realize how tedious it is to go the manual way. I got so frustrated by the dependencies that I gave up and purchased access to the ULN network.

Oracle Open World 2008 Diaries: HP Oracle Database Machine

For those of you who didn’t see the Larry Ellison’s keynote here it is courtesy to Sheeri. We cut out the HP part but I don’t think anyone will complain. It’s not the best angle but we didn’t get there early in advance to secure the right location for the camera. Now few bits about the details of the HP Oracle Database Machine (HPODM) as I have gathered some details here at OOW. Oracle worked hard in two areas — perfection of hardware and software integration.

Technical details on the Exadata Storage Server

On Darrin Leboeuf’s advice, I loaded Kevin Closson’s blog, and sure enough, he had something ready to publish. It must have been KILLING Kevin to keep this a secret. It must be a huge load off to publish this thing. Anyway, Christo has been assigned to study this in detail and digest it overnight. Expect some good analysis tomorrow.

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