Does Oracle’s Block Change Tracking File Shrink?

.Recently in IRC (#oracle on freenode, to be precise), a fresh face asked if the Block Change Tracking file ever shrinks. I began to do some reading. For some reason, actually reading the official tahiti docs was last on my list. A search of the 10gR2 docs quickly yielded this (from RMAN Incremental Backups)…

What Makes a Good DBA?

A few days ago I had a new idea for a blog post. A post about what it really takes to be a good database administrator. I began by researching what others had done on the topic. At the end of this post you will find links to six of the posts I found that provided some insight into this question. Even after uncovering this information, I thought I could add something to the mix from my own experiences. So here we go!

Alex Gorbachev at Oracle Open World 2008: Oracle Clusterware

If a MySQL DBA from Pythian goes to Oracle Open World, it would be a shame not to send an Oracle bloke, so there I am — presenting a 90-minute session on the first day of the OOW 08 entitled Under the Hood of Oracle Clusterware. I gave it during RAC Attack in Chicago and I’m pretty satisfied with how it went, so there should be no significant changes to the presentation. The session is in “User Group Forum,” thanks to RAC SIG and Dan Norris.

Oracle Silent Mode, Part 7: Installing an 11.1 RAC Database

This seventh post digs into some of the silent installation commands of an 11.1 RAC. As for the Installation of a 10.2 RAC Database, this post shows how to (1) install the 11.1 clusterware, (2) install the 11.1 database, and (3) create a RAC database. It doesn’t explore any Patch Set upgrade since is not out for now. Another interesting question, however, is how to upgrade the 10.2 clusterware to 11.1, since it has to be done in place. So let’s get into it.

DBD::Oracle 1.22 Released

The latest release of DBD::Oracle is now ready and can be found at: CPAN DBD::Oracle. It is a Perl module that works with the DBI module to provide access to Oracle databases. It is maintained by me, John Scoles, under the auspices of The Pythian Group as open source/free software.

RAC Attack — Day 2 by Alex Gorbachev

Last night, I left my presentation in a good state and verified the first batch of demos — all worked fine. This morning turned into a disaster as I found out that the rest of my demos stopped working. Well, I didn’t have any other choice but to add new slides with some demo results. Since I did it in a rush, there were some overlaps and I ended up with way too many slides. Good news that the first demo generated sufficiently enough interest about services automation and connection load balancing so we spent significant time there. All in all, today’s session wasn’t as good as yesterday but I managed to avoid a complete failure with the demos so I guess I shouldn’t complain.

Oracle Import Performance: Does Import Use Single-Row Inserts?

Recently, I was involved in a discussion about import performance in this OTN forum in which the original poster raised the issue of whether or not import will resort to single-row inserts for tables with date columns. For array inserts, the buffer parameter essentially specifies the size of this array. We know, however, that if a table has lob columns, the import parameter buffer is not honored, and the import utility will use single-row inserts for those tables. But tables with date columns, so the claim goes, also must suffer single-row inserts. In this blog, I will probe this further and validate that claim.

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