IOUG RAC Attack! — Day 1 by Alex Gorbachev

My session was scheduled after lunch and all attendees made it back which is a good sign (thanks to good presentations from Dan Norris and Edward Whalen). I’m pretty satisfied with the results — I was able to reproduce all eviction examples I planned from the first time and I had to skip only few demos at the end (I suspected I wouldn’t get there). Anyway, I covered all the material except those last few demos (well, the audience will have labs tomorrow and I can play with it) and quick look at the few script internals and sources but that was handed over as a home work.

Join us! Pythian Europe Launch Event in Prague on Wednesday

I’m pleased to announce that there will be the formal launch of Pythian Europe at the premises of the Canadian Embassy in Prague on Wednesday the 6th of August from 17:00 to 18:30. This historic event will be announced by Mrs. Sameena Qureshi, Trade Counsellor, Embassy of Canada; and Paul Vallee, President and Founder, The Pythian Group. Present will be various members from the press (IT and Business), as well as representatives from Oracle and Sun Microsystems, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Prague, and many more. We will prepare some unusual and very tasty snacks and refreshments.

Alex Gorbachev @ RAC Attack! in Chicago

Just a quick note that I’m going to present two sessions on the RAC Attack! event in Chicago next week — 4-5 August 2008. The event is organized as two threads — one for advanced RAC DBA’s and another one for beginners. Each thread will have one day of hands-on labs and one day of lectures. Another option would be to choose two days of lectures. More details on the RAC Attack event home page.

Sheeri Cabral Speaks at Oracle Open World

How does a wild-mannered MySQL DBA like me get to speak at an Oracle conference? Well, after I received the MySQL Community Award two years in a row, Dan Norris contacted me, and encouraged me to submit a proposal with him on how to contribute to the community.

Alex Gorbachev’s RSS Feeds Aggregated

The Pythian blog has grown significantly since then and many more excellent authors started blogging there. While the Pythian blog was mostly focused on Oracle database just a couple years ago, it’s has got very broad coverage might be just too much for some as few people already complained and unsubscribed to avoid being overwhelmed with is a way to subscribe only to a selected category or a single author — just add /feed/ at the end of pretty much any page.

DNS Setup for Effective 11i DR Failover

One of the main goals in architecting a Disaster Recovery (DR) solution is to make a DR failover transparent to the end users. Too often, users must reboot their desktops, clear their browser cache and the jinitiator jar cache, and so on, even when we have made sure that the post-failover URL of the 11i instance is the same. After a failover of an 11i instance from a primary site to a DR site, if the user can operate without changing anything in his desktop, only then can we say that the goal is achieved.

Tuning Latch Contention: Cache-buffers-chain latches

Recently, I had an opportunity to tune latch contention for cache buffers chain (CBC) latches. The problem was high CPU-usage combined with poor application performance. A quick review of the statspack report for 15 minutes showed a latch-free wait as the top event, consuming approximately 3600 seconds in an 8-CPU server. CPU usage was quite high. First, I’ll find the SQL suffering from latch contention and objects associated with the access plan for that SQL. Next,I will find the buffers involved in latch contention, and map that back to objects. Finally, I will match these two techniques to pinpoint the root cause.

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